Corn Cobb

Frank at the Iowa state line with copies of Our Iowa magazine Armed with a stack of magazines from our friend Stacey Handel, my wife and I crossed the border into Iowa, my 47th state, her 42nd. We were driving from Fort Madison to Dyersville when I discovered a small ad in the back of an “Our Iowa” magazine that led us to one of Western Iowa’s gems four days later.

souvenir display case at Field of Dreams Movie Site apostrophe abuse at Field of Dreams Movie Site view of Field of Dreams Movie Site from the "outfield wall" Admission to the Field of Dreams Movie Site is free. They make their money off the sales of licensed souvenirs, hats and t-shirts. My wife and I did the touristy thing by standing among the cornstalks and walking onto the field, like the characters in the film. Organized games are not allowed. We saw a group of people taking turns batting and fielding on the well-maintained grass.

downtown Dyersville, Iowa St. Francis Xavier Basilica in Dyersville, Iowa Dyersville has another interesting site besides the Field of Dreams. It is home to St. Francis Xavier Basilica, one of only 68 basilicas in the United States.

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