Another Brick in the Wall

Wall Drug - enjoying 5¢ coffee The omnipresent billboards for Wall Drug on I-90 in South Dakota make you feel obligated to stop. You don’t want to be the one tourist who missed out, right? I’ve heard that South of the Border on I-95 in South Carolina uses a similar approach. Wall Drug offers free ice water and 5¢ coffee, which was surprisingly good. I had expected watered-down “church coffee” and ended up buying a second cup.

The word “overkill” came to mind several times as I walked around the various shops. I asked the sales clerks in the Souvenir Department how they could stand listening to the floor that squeaked every time a patron walked past. They said they could tune it out, until someone mentioned it. Oops.

Wall Drug - Jennifer's Facebook photo from 6/26/11 Wall Drug - bookmark is missing 7/7/11 My wife and I knew that we had to go to Wall Drug ever since our friend Jennifer stopped off there 11 days earlier. I joked on Facebook that she should hide something for us to find. She cleverly put a bookmark into a copy of “Some Awfully Tame but Kinda Funny Stories about Early Dakota Ladies of the Evening” and posted photographic proof on her Facebook wall. I found two copies in the bookstore but was disappointed that the bookmark was not in either one. Then I thought about someone who may have unwittingly purchased the book with Jennifer’s note inside. How will they explain that one?

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