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The buzz of my cell phone sounded every few minutes on Monday. My friend Janet was sending me Facebook updates on the Casey Anthony trial that has kept her glued to the TV lately. Last week I had asked her to let me know when any experts from the Body Farm were called to the stand. She wrote “There’s a goober scientist from Tennessee on the stand at the Anti-Christ trial.” I think she was surprised that I have met him a few times. He’s no goober.

The expert witness was Dr. Arpad Vass. He works at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and did some amazing research at the Body Farm. He invented a machine that works like the nose of a cadaver dog. It sniffs out the gases of human decomposition. His experiments indicate that there was a corpse in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car.

As Dr. Vass testified, I also read the Twitter feed of News 13 in Orlando. Their recap of Monday’s proceedings is thorough and well done. I was pleasantly surprised when reporter Adam Longo posted a tweet with a link to a blog post of mine from 2006. I wrote another blog post about Longo last September when he reported on the connection between the Body Farm and the Anthony case.

Bone Zones party at Big Ed's Pizza - Lew Tippie, Dr. Bill Bass, David Neusel, Dr. Al Hazari, Carol Bass, Frank Murphy, Dr. Arpad Vass, Helen Taylor When I had my picture made with Dr. Vass at a Bone Zones party last year, I was also flanked by Helen Taylor and Dr. Al Hazari. The other day Helen sent me a Facebook message asking if I could fill in for her at the “Fun with Forensics: Adventures in Chemistry” summer camp run by Dr. Hazari. I’m not really sure how that will work. I guess I can tell the middle-schoolers about my tour of Helen’s crematory or I can be the guy who hands out the stretchy skeletons Helen ordered for the kids.

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