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Except for a rain delay, my Father’s Day played out as I had hoped. I went for a swim and enjoyed smoked chicken and grilled peaches for dinner, which I anticipated in a guest post about Father’s Day for Food City’s Power Shopper Blog. Although I have a business relationship with Food City, the blog post was done as a favor for The Tombras Group.

Earlier in the day, my daughter called to sing the Father’s Day song that I had learned from an old Groucho Marx album and passed along to to my kids. My wife and son joined in the serenade. My son started plunking out the tune on a keyboard, trying to guess what note I meant to sing.

Father's Day cake from Food City My wife wanted to buy me a cake for my upcoming birthday but I told her I would rather defrost a slice of the banana walnut cranberry cake from Touch of Love Catering that has been in our freezer since February. My wife doesn’t like banana-flavored things, which may be why she bought a chocolate Father’s Day cake for us to share. At first glance, I thought the decoration on top said “Hi Dad!” but it actually says “#1 Dad!”

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