Super Duper

“Super 8” is such a good movie that if you haven’t seen it, you should stop reading this and go see it immediately. Really.


The main characters are a group of kids using Super 8 film to make a zombie movie, which I found instantly endearing. They inadvertently witness the crash of a train that was carrying something the government wants kept secret. The mysterious creature that the Air Force is trying to recapture sounds like the smoke monster on “Lost” with a little bit of Steven Spielberg’s signature dinosaur/shark/alien sound mixed in.

As someone who lived through the era, I was blown away by the set decoration and 1970s costumes. The music was spot-on for 1979 too, with massive hits like “My Sharona” and “Heart of Glass.” Despite the year of their release, both songs were often played on ’80s radio stations.

The fictional town of Lillian, Ohio, was portrayed by the city of Weirton, West Virginia. I thought the climactic scenes looked too good to be CG, yet I’m sure they didn’t actually destroy a small town. I will have to seek out any behind-the-scenes details I can find on the making of “Super 8.” Weirton celebrated the movie this past week with a parade and street festival.

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