Receive Her Soul

Archbishop Joseph Kurtz is likely to say two things when he and I see each other at various Catholic functions. He’ll mention that he occasionally sees my blog posts about Catholicism and he’ll ask about my mother and my grandmother. He remembers meeting them at my daughter’s Confirmation ceremony at All Saints Church in 2003. The next time I see him, I’ll have to tell him that Grandma died peacefully at age 98.

Grandma visited us in Tennessee a few times. During one of her visits, we took her to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for a picnic lunch. We spent some time driving around Pigeon Forge before dinner. I had received free tickets to the now-closed Black Bear Jamboree Dinner & Show. The staff seated us front and center and treated us like royalty. Grandma was so impressed that she left a huge tip.

Grandma liked to travel. She went to Turkey and Ireland. She visited us in Burbank on her 80th birthday and went to Hawaii with my family a couple of years later. She went to Las Vegas to show support for a Cold War Memorial honoring the men who died in a plane crash there, including her son Terry.

Grandma also had a grandson named Terry, who died a hero on 9/11. Because of her connection to Terry Hatton, published Grandma’s obituary today.

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