George Clooney, Michael J. Fox, Eddie Murphy. Did I mention George Clooney? These young stars of Hollywood are all older than me. IMDB has 3,182 listings of people born in 1961. Wikipedia has 6,630 listings. NMDB has a pretty good list too.

Some of my favorites like Julia Louis-Dreyfus, George Lopez, and Lea Thompson have also already hit the half-century mark. Ricky Gervais turns 50 on Saturday. Celebrities born in the second half of the year include Woody Harrelson, Bonnie Hunt, Ralph Macchio and Jodi Benson, the Little Mermaid herself.

The American Association of Retired Persons, now known only as AARP, should get some of these whippersnappers to appear in their ads. For now, they have the 89-year-old but seemingly ageless Betty White as their spokesperson.

Now that I am an AARP member, I follow them on Twitter and they follow me. Yesterday, AARP Tennessee posted the question, “What were your favorite summer games as a kid? Kick the can? Red Rover?” I replied, “Painting bison hunts on cave walls.”

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