Oak, Ridge Vent

One would hope that a milestone birthday is memorable. I am unlikely to forget my big 5-0.

On Tuesday night, I was emceeing the weekly Einstein Simplified show at Side Splitters Comedy Club. The lights began to flicker and the guys in the scene made jokes about the utility bill being unpaid. When the lights went out and stayed out for a while, one of the guys pretended to be the voice of God just before the lights came back on. Club co-owner Bridgette O’Dell was happy that our improv group was on stage rather than a comic who relies on a microphone.

oak tree felled by thunderstorm on 6/21/11 When we got home, the power was still out in our neighborhood. It stayed out all night, which meant I had to shower in the dark at 4:30 a.m. on my birthday. My son was home when the sun rose. He looked out the window to see that a massive oak tree had fallen between our house and our neighbor’s. My first glimpse of it was via the picture message he sent to my phone.

In the early afternoon, I texted my neighbors on both sides. They replied that the power had been restored around noon. When my wife and I got home, we could see that one end of the ridge vent on our roof was twisted into an odd shape by strong winds the night before. I put a call in to our insurance agent and took a nap.

lobster tails for birthday dinner When I woke up, my family surprised me with a great birthday gift. I am now the proud owner of an Amazon Kindle. I’ve already downloaded a few items from the Top 100 Free eBooks list. Despite all the weather-related craziness, one birthday tradition lived on. I had some delicious lobster tails for dinner.

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