Nursing Home Movies

Grandma was having a good day the last time I saw her alive. Her loved ones are gathering today and tomorrow for her funeral. We are blessed that she lived to be 98.

A month ago, my family and I spent Memorial Day weekend in Northern Virginia. My mother had found a gift box belonging to Grandma that contained $95 worth of $5 bills. We carried the box with us to Richmond on our way home to Knoxville. We had lunch with Grandma before her weekly Bingo game at the assisted living facility. After we ate, I surprised her with the box.

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2 Responses to Nursing Home Movies

  1. Giannine says:

    I will be saying special prayers in my heart continuously today for you and your family. I know this day will be bittersweet while you lay your beloved grandmother to rest. I love funerals, because of the wonderful blessing it is for the departed soul, but weep in my heart for the family members left behind. God bless you!

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