Nerd Watching

Membership in the Fox VIP group has some great privileges. We have access to a private website where we can view selected episodes of Fox shows in advance. I used it to watch two episodes of “Raising Hope” in April. During upfront week, Fox posted short previews of their new series on the private site. Since then, they made a few full-length pilot episodes available to us.

Because of its setting, “Alcatraz” reminded me at first of “Prison Break” but with time-travel. It’s actually more of a “Fringe”-style mystery with “Lost”-style flashbacks. It’s worth watching for Sarah Jones, who plays a detective, and Jorge Garcia, who plays an Alcatraz expert who also runs a comic-book store.

“New Girl” wants us to believe that the stunning Zooey Deschanel is undesirable due to her nerdiness. Maybe their target audience consists of all the male nerds who wish they could be her Mr. Right.

“I Hate My Teenage Daughter” seems to be a fairly solid sitcom with a clever premise. Two nerdy girls have grown up to become the mother of two “mean girls.” The daughters treat their mothers the same way they treat the less popular kids at school. Based on previous shows, I expected Jaime Pressly to be funny and she was. Her co-star, Katie Finneran, cracked me up with a pie-eating scene that is included in the preview.

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