If You Know What I Mean

The Google Doodle commemorated Richard Scarry’s birthday on Sunday. My wife loved it and said so. I said that I had also noticed it when I was writing my blog post the night before, which meant I must have been Googling after midnight. The phrase made me laugh because it would have sounded ridiculous, if not slightly naughty, 20 years ago. I was inspired to make up a few more . Feel free to add your own in the comments section but remember, they can’t actually be dirty.

  • I was Googling after midnight.
  • She showed me her Twitter.
  • They hacked his Facebook.
  • I uploaded it to YouTube.
  • My Ustream keeps pausing.
  • She doesn’t know I’m following her.
  • Do you wanna Skype later?
  • He has a lot of worthless stuff on his Wikipedia entry.
  • He got fired for tweeting about his boss.
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