Déjà Street View

New 7-Eleven on Hollywood Way in Burbank. Photo by KROQ's Bean Bean was surprised to see another 7-Eleven on Hollywood Way. It was new since the last time he was in Burbank. He was driving from the Weenie Roast to Bob Hope Airport when he spotted it. Because it looked different than all the other stand-alone 7-Elevens in town, he snapped a picture and sent it to my phone. Without being able to zoom in at the time, my wife and I correctly guessed that the cross-street was Victory Boulevard, based on the architecture of the building. It wasn’t too hard for us to recognize. We were residents of that part of Burbank for ten years.

My wife remember that the building housed a drug store when we lived nearby. Google Street View confirms that it used to be SAV-MA℞T Drugs. Notice how Google blurred the face of the guy sitting there.

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