Zombie My Baby

Did you realize we are almost halfway through Zombie Awareness Month? Fortunately, I can count on my daughter to keep me informed on the latest zombie news. Like me, she finds humor in the living dead. Today she sent me an amusing news report from WJLA-TV.

Somebody hacked a roadside warning sign to read “Caution Zombies Ahead.” Although the sign was on a walking trail instead of a highway, I was reminded of my grandfather’s old joke: “What’s that in the road… ahead?’

After my daughter sent me the WJLA post, I started searching Google for more zombie news. The Washington Post found the same links I did and then some.  Best part:

A simple Google search reveals the zombie-related sign hacking isn’t a novel idea. There have been reports in Texas, South Carolina and North Carolina in recent years.

We still have months to wait before season two of “The Walking Dead” on AMC. According to recent entertainment news reports, Stephen King might write an episode and Stan Lee might play a zombie.

I have driven a Honda Civic for many years. Apparently my vehicle of choice appeals to the zombies as well.

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