Thelma & We Lose

Thelma's Chicken & Waffles has closed Could it be true? Thelma’s Chicken & Waffles looked closed. I peered in the window and could see that all the tables and furnishings had been removed. I’ve wanted to take my wife to Thelma’s for at least ten months. It looked like we would finally have our opportunity on Monday.  As we drove toward Roanoke, I called the restaurant to see how late they were open and got a strange answering machine after many rings. Because our route from Richmond to Knoxville took us right past their location on Orange Avenue, we saw the empty building for ourselves.

When we got home to Knoxville, I found some news reports that they had moved to a new location in downtown Roanoke. I don’t understand why nobody answered the phone or why there was nothing posted on the door to announce their new location. I wonder if they are still open at the new address.

Thelma's Chicken & Waffles "Run Tell Dat" t-shirt The expression “Run Tell Dat” was unfamiliar to me on August 1, 2010 when I saw a t-shirt with the phrase at Thelma’s. At the time, I had no idea that Antoine Dodson’s local news interview would become a viral video sensation a few days later.

Thelma's Chicken & Waffles close-up There are a few places in Knoxville that occasionally offer the delicious combination of chicken and waffles. Now that the idea has been put in our head, where should we go to satisfy the craving? And at what point will Waffle House realize that they should just add fried chicken to the menu?

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