The Hoosegow

A co-worker saw my post about the guy who recently completed his own 50-state quest. We got to talking and she suggested a few tourist attractions in Iowa that might interest me. When she mentioned an ice cream shop near the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison, I became enamored with the thought of prison-themed ice cream treats. If I ran the place, the menu would undoubtedly include the following:

  • Delicious flavors like Orange Jumpsuit Sherbet in a variety of sizes: Juvie, Medium and Maximum.
  • Three Hots and a Cot – a three-scoop banana split topped with hot fudge, hot butterscotch and hot marshmallow sauce
  • The Shawshank Redemption – A giant sundae challenge, like on “Man v. Food.” If you can finish it in half an hour, it’s free!
  • The Green Mile – A tall cone stacked with alternating scoops of mint and pistachio ice creams
  • The Alcatraz Float – There’s no way your scoop of delicious ice cream will survive its journey through a frosted glass and an ice-cold root beer sea!

New menu ideas always welcome! Post yours in the comments section.

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