S’meeps & S’mupcakes

A search for WordPress themes led me to an unusual Marshmallow Peeps recipe. I am still looking for a good fit for a new FBI Knoxville Citizens’ Academy Alumni Association website but I will take a moment to enjoy the sweet distraction.

A website called Tasty Kitchen caught my eye. I was drawn to the desserts section by their photo of Peep S’mores. The simple recipe calls for layers of graham cracker crumbs, M&Ms and Peeps. It would be a good way for me to use up some of my leftover Peeps.

I can imagine how Peep S’mores must taste. Another recipe on the site made me curious and interested in trying soon. As the name suggests, Salted Fudge Brownies combine salt and chocolate. From the photo, I assumed that coarse salt was sprinkled on top of the dark chocolate brownies. Instead, the recipe says to swirl the salt into the batter.

They have a recipe for Chunky S’mores Dipped Cupcakes that is unusual to me. Marshmallow frosting is piled high on graham-cracker cupcakes and then chilled to firm it up. The frosting is then dipped in melted chocolate to complete the trifecta.

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