Right Outside of Bearden

The memory of my father’s Scotch must have still been rattling around in my subconscious the other day. As I drove down Kingston Pike, I saw that the new Thunder Road Wine & Spirits was now open and I decided to pull in. I had read about plans for the moonshine-themed shop a few weeks back on Carly Harrington’s blog.

While my father would drink a quality brand of liquor almost every night after work, I barely touch the stuff. When I do imbibe, I enjoy a sip of apple-pie flavored moonshine or a medicinal shot of Rock & Rye. Last summer, when I went to the grand opening of Ole Smoky Distillery in Gatlinburg, they did not yet have the flavored ‘shine.

Thunder Road Wine & Spirits - moonshine display Thunder Road Wine & Spirits - view behind the store Thunder Road sells several brands of legal moonshine, including Ole Smoky. I bought a jar of Apple Pie to have on-hand for future sippin’. The store have lyrics from “The Ballad of Thunder Road” emblazoned on the walls. In addition to the shelves stocked with mason jars, they have a display that looks like a car crashing through the wall. My son noticed that the photo on the wall matched the actual view behind the store.

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