Never Forgotten

funeral program for FDNY Captain Terence S. Hatton Terry Hatton died on September 11, 2001. Unlike the innocent murder victims who were already in the World Trade Center when terrorists struck, Terry ran into a burning building in an effort to save others. It was his job. He was captain of FDNY Rescue 1. He was also my first cousin. At the wake, Terry’s father, former FDNY Deputy Chief Ken Hatton, described Terry’s death as a casualty of war.

Each year on the anniversary of the attacks, I try to post something to honor my cousin’s memory. It’s a sobering thought that the next 9/11 will be the tenth anniversary of Terry’s death. The death of Osama Bin Laden (on Divine Mercy Sunday) has prompted me to gather some memories of Terry that others have posted online.

  • Terry was married to Rudy Giuliani’s assistant Beth. During his presidential campaign, Giuliani’s staff posted a section of the book “Leadership” that focused on Terry.
  • A CBS News story on “48 Hours” told of Terry’s last known words as he entered the building. It also tells how Beth discovered she was pregnant shortly after Terry died.
  • Terry was already considered a hero before 9/11.. In 2005, a block of 43rd Street was renamed Captain Terence S. Hatton Way.
  • A camera crew recorded a  few seconds of Terry at a fire in April, 2000. As I recall it was for a syndicated reality show. Someone has posted the footage, probably illegally, on YouTube. While it’s still there, you can see Terry at 24 seconds in.
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