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NuVal inventor Dr. David Katz and Frank Murphy Dr. David Katz, inventor of the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System, visited Knoxville last month. Katz is a dynamic speaker who is passionate about nutrition and exercise. Before appearing at a free symposium sponsored by Food City and UT Medical Center, he sat down with me for a 30-minute interview. We recorded our conversation for a future broadcast date, which happens to be today.

I first learned of the NuVal system last September when The Tombras Group hired me to do a series of endorsement commercials for Food City. NuVal scientists assign a number between 1 and 100 to supermarket products. The higher the score, the more nutritious the item. Fruits and vegetables score highest. In the interview, Dr. Katz said if the NuVal system had been designed for a third-world country, meats would score higher because protein is lacking in diets there.

As you’ll hear during the program, I switched brands of peanut butter because of the NuVal scores. Low-fat foods sometimes have extra salt or corn syrup added to improve the taste. When I first started a weight loss program, I bought Jif Reduced Fat Peanut Butter Spread. When I saw its low NuVal score, I started buying Peter Pan Reduced Fat Peanut Spread, which had a score much closer to regular peanut butter.

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