Good Deed Dewar’s

One silent-auction item at the All Saints Adult Social brought back some unexpected memories. If you had asked me a week ago to describe my father’s evening cocktail, I think the best I would have come up with is “scotch & soda.” I couldn’t tell you the brand or any details, even though I occasionally poured a drink for him and a rye & ginger for my mother.

28-year-old bottle of Dewar's White Label at All Saints Adult Social silent auction As soon as I saw the bottle of Dewar’s White Label, I recognized it as my dad’s favorite. It was even the same size and shape as the bottles my dad bought. It also had a New York State tax seal over the top, just like the bottles my dad bought. The bid sheet said the bottle was 28 years old, which happens to be the same length of time as my father has been dead. Some of my fellow parishioners urged me to bid on the bottle. I have no use for it, especially at a starting bid of $75.

I did make several bids on a nearby item that my wife wanted. Unfortunately we got outbid on the gift basket containing a Regal Cinemas gift card, a Bonefish Grill gift card, a Panera Bread gift card and a bottle of Riesling. I once watched an episode of “The French Chef” in which Julia Child said that Riesling goes well with lobster.
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