Twofer Wednesday

Somebody at “Live at Five at Four” volunteered me to eat some oysters. They didn’t know that my father introduced me to the delicacy at The Grand Central Oyster Bar when I was only a teen. They also couldn’t have known that for me, every trip to New Orleans includes a mandatory visit to the Acme Oyster House. Besides, I was at WBIR for a different reason.

Fr. Ragan Schriver and I were booked on the show today to promote the 13th Annual Kids Helping Kids Fun Walk. Moving the event a month earlier than it was last year has us a little nervous. Advance registrations are slightly behind where they were the week before last year’s Walk. However, the weather forecast for Sunday is beautiful. This should be the first Walk since 2008 without rain.

Representatives from another charity were on hand to promote their event in the second half hour of the show. Cheryl Ball of Curved Edge Consulting and Hugh Nystrom of Childhelp Tennessee brought two trays of fresh oysters to the studio. Their event, Oysterfest, takes place on April 16.

They were happy that I was ready to “hoover” an oyster when Russell Biven hesitated. Cheryl said I did a good job of hiding the fact that the oyster wasn’t properly shucked. I had to use my teeth to rip it from the shell. I expected it to slide into my mouth.

Beth Haynes enjoyed her oyster on a cracker with hot sauce. The best part of the segment was the look of horror on Russell’s face when he first tasted the raw mollusk. I had tried to give him helpful advice during the previous commercial break. In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have said the sensation is similar to a bad case of post-nasal drip.

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