The opening scenes of “The Conspirator” depicted Abraham Lincoln’s assassination exactly like I imagined it after visiting Ford’s Theater and reading “Manhunt.” The film questions whether Mary Surratt should have been executed as a co-conspirator in Lincoln’s death. Those not familiar with that chapter of history might be surprised by the movie’s ending.

In its on-screen logo, The American Film Company promises to make entertaining and accurate historical films. The company’s website features more than enough reading material to keep me busy for a week. I think I’ll start with “Historians View the Assassination.” My wife was interested in the article about J.A.G. Joseph Holt and the subsequent comments debating whether Surratt’s trial was influenced by an anti-Catholic bias.

I went to Chinatown last summer but didn’t realize I was near the Surratt boarding house. According to Wikipedia, it is now a restaurant called Wok and Roll. I wonder if they have any menu items named after the Surratts.

Before the movie we saw a promo for Sprite Refreshing Films. I caught a glimpse of Knoxville Catholic High School student Carla Javier in the behind-the-scenes footage. “Wonderland,” the film Carla worked on, is currently trailing behind the entry from Dallas. Voting is open until Friday, April 22. Text ATL to 777483.

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