Raw Umber

One of the names in my high school’s alumni magazine was familiar. Sadly, Robert Crayhon was mentioned on the “In Memoriam” page. Robert was in my graduating class. Twice during my senior year, I bought tickets to see Steve Martin perform. Robert was either in the small group of us who went to the Nassau Coliseum show or to the Garden State Arts Center show. Maybe both.

Robert Crayhon live at Gotham Comedy Club in 2006 I haven’t kept in touch with anyone from high school. In fact, I was very surprised this past year when I started receiving mail from the alumni association. I don’t know how they found me. As a result, I didn’t know how Robert had died, or more importantly, how he had lived. I was amazed at what I found.

Robert Crayhon died of colon cancer in September. Tomorrow would have been his birthday. He was an author, a nutritionist, a concert pianist and a stand-up comedian. The search results revealed many blog posts mourning his death. As I read through them, I feel that I missed out on the opportunity to know someone who was extremely interesting.

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