Monkey See, Monkey Dew

Monkey Ice Tweetup - group photo It turned out that the joke was on the people who didn’t believe me. When the social media representative for Weigel’s contacted me about giving away Monkey Ice at a tweetup, I picked April Fools’ Day for the event. Several Facebook friends and Twitter followers questioned my motive, thinking it was a prank. It wasn’t.

Monkey Ice Tweetup - Laura Bower of The Tombras Group Monkey Ice Tweetup - posing with Kurt Weigel The Tombras Group handles advertising and public relations for Weigel’s. Tombras employees Laura Bower and Matt Honkonen brought along a custom-made sock monkey they have named JoJo Weigel. I bet they could sell replicas of JoJo if they mass-produced them. There was a live Weigel in attendance as well. Kurt Weigel showed up.

Monkey Ice Tweetup - chatting with @cmcculley as Laura Bower approaches with sign-in sheet Monkey Ice Tweetup - posing with @shoechick A few of the attendees missed being in the group picture because they either left early or arrived later. A photo album on Facebook gives a fairly good portrayal of the hour-long Tweetup. From a marketing standpoint, it’s a cheap promotion. The crowd doesn’t have to be huge, just active online. The 20 or so who are there will tell hundreds of friends about it via social media.

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