Independent Study

Apparently “The Killing” on AMC comes with homework. The early reviews were glowing enough for me to set up a series recording on my DVR before Sunday night’s premiere. At the end of the broadcast, they explained that we should go to to choose our top suspect every week, post our theories and discuss them with fellow fans. They even have a weekly quiz.

It’s a good thing that AMC showed two episodes on premiere night. Most of the first hour was slow and had the feel of a foreign film. The series is based on a Danish program called “Forbrydelsen.” I stuck with it, believing that there was a good reason why they were showing us a seemingly unrelated story about a mayoral campaign. When the detectives finally found the body of the missing girl, she was in a car owned by the campaign.

A blog post on the AMC website says we might find some answers if we check the online extras for episode two. I like the idea of online extras but not online necessities. I want the show to be able to stand on it’s own. As it was, I kept the Cast & Characters page open as a reference guide while watching. By the way, the victim’s mother was on “24” and the mayoral candidate was “The Rocketeer.”

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