Food Networking

If it weren’t during Lent, I would have helped myself to a corner piece of cake at today’s media appreciation luncheon given by Food City. I’ve been shopping at Food City for years but I was invited to the luncheon because I have been doing endorsement spots for them since October.

Dino Cartwright's photo of cake at Food City media appreciation luncheon Public relations executive Laura Bower unwittingly tempted me by mentioning the butter-cream icing that I love. I could at least take a picture of the cake, I thought, but by the time I finished lunch, it had been sliced. I was still thinking about the cake hours later. I pictured myself still seated in a banquet room at Calhoun’s on the River. I was looking past the News Sentinel’s Carly Harrington to see the cake table. I remembered seeing Dino Cartwright of WVLT standing over it, elbows out. Was he taking a picture? A check of his Facebook page confirmed my suspicion. He had posted a nice photo of the cake.

Frank Murphy with Food City CEO Steve Smith at media appreciation luncheon Before lunch,  CEO Steve Smith spoke to the assembled advertising executives and reporters. He said that the store and its suppliers had both cut their margins in order to lower retail prices on 10,000 items. Smith also announced that Dr. David Katz, creator of the NuVal nutritional scoring system, is coming to Knoxville as the featured speaker at the Nutrition Made Easy Symposium on April 26 at the Knoxville Convention Center. Admission is free.

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