Egg Timer

Easter 2011 - baskets before unveiling To keep me from sneaking a peek at our Easter baskets, my wife draped them with an extra tablecloth. This came about around midnight, when we got home from the Easter Vigil. She would be leaving early in the morning to sing at two more Masses and hated to miss seeing my first reaction to the baskets. That’s when I suggested covering them the same way furniture was covered by drop-cloths in old vampire movies.

Easter 2011 - See's Scotchmallow Eggs and dark chocolate Marshmallow Peeps Easter 2011 - Peeps Freezer Pops, dark chocolate Peeps and dark chocolate M&Ms My wife knew I would be happy to see the See’s Scotchmallow Eggs, which she had ordered from their catalog. The Marshmallow Peeps dipped in dark chocolate were not a surprise because I had purchased them at Food City a few days earlier. The Peeps Freezer Pops were new to me. I put them in the freezer right away and will get to them eventually. I hope that the “marshmallow flavor” doesn’t taste like vanilla.

Easter 2011 - "last year" egg A Twitter joke from Russell Biven reminded me of an Easter spent with friends in California. Russell said he couldn’t wait to hide eggs this year so he could find the eggs from last year. One year at the annual egg hunt that we did with our friends Anja and Charlie and their family, I wrote the previous year on an egg. This year, I helped my wife by decorating one egg. Although instead of writing “2010” on it, I just wrote “Last Year.”

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