Crow Hawk

The hawk that has been visiting my backyard has as friend. On Sunday, blog reader Giannine watched the video I posted and suggested that the bird is a broad-winged hawk. Later that day, I spotted the hawk sunning itself on the deck railing. A few hours later I saw it again, perched on the pool slide. I made the mistake of zooming in on the video camera, which put the bird out of focus. As I crept up with the camera, the video reveals that there are two hawks on the slide.

The weather was beautiful on Sunday. I had the windows open and could hear a flock of crows making a huge commotion. They don’t seem to feel the same way I do about the hawks. As I approached with the camera, the hawk let out a screech and flew deeper into the woods. Its voice made me think that it might be a red-shouldered hawk.

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