Comedy Connections

Erin Donovan’s infamous snort almost gave her away at Side Splitters Comedy Club on Saturday night. She was sitting at the table behind Terry Morrow and me during the show headlined by Lynne Koplitz. I think a few of the audience members nearby recognized Erin’s laugh from “Live at Five at Four” but Lynne assumed the noise came from a man.

Lynne presents her act as advice rather than jokes. She tells the women in the audience what men really want. She says food and quiet rank ahead of what everyone assumes to be the most obvious desire. For some of her more outrageous material, she jokingly apologized to her friends in the front row. I had read in Terry’s column that Lynne’s early career included the Tennessee Stage Company and a day job at Old City Java. I recognized Lynne’s friend in the front row as Amy Leigh Hubbard, a local actress who is also very active with Market Square events such as First Night Knoxville and the Farmers’ Market.

The opener and middler were both great. Corey Forrester is from a town near Ringgold, Georgia. He told me after the show that his town was somehow spared by the recent tornado that destroyed several towns around his. He had to rework his act slightly to avoid mentioning Ringgold so as not to dampen the mood. Brian Sawin has a fun way of using awkward pauses for comedic effect. A large chunk of the routine he did in Knoxville is available on his website in a clip recorded at Side Splitters in Tampa. I watched it when I got home and enjoyed it all over again.

Speaking of Side Splitters, I recorded the voiceover for a new television commercial that they plan to run during episodes of “Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza.”

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