Blazon Night

48 adults and 6 children were received into the Catholic Church at All Saints last night. It was almost the largest RCIA class in the history of the Diocese of Knoxville. The group would have been even larger except that a few people had to delay their participation while awaiting finalization of their annulments.

All Saints Church Easter Vigil 2011 - fire ready to be lit It had been a few years since I celebrated the Triduum at my home parish. Last year I visited Holy Family Church in Seymour. Two years ago, I was the RCIA sponsor for a friend at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

The four priests concelebrating at All Saints were from four different countries: Fr. Michael (Ireland); Fr. Miguel (Colombia); Fr. John (Ghana) and visiting priest Fr. Andrew (Vietnam). Meanwhile Fr. David, the American-born associate pastor, was filling in for a ailing Fr. Joe at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in LaFollette.

All Saints Church Easter Vigil 2011 - fire and Paschal candle I noticed something new about the vestments this year. The priests and deacons were dressed uniformly in chasubles branded with the diocesan crest.

Andrew Ballew, one of the church musicians, posted on Facebook that he was looking forward to the Litany of the Saints. John Becker’s musical arrangement of the litany has long been a favorite of mine too. I want it sung at my funeral by our friend Mary Kay and said so in a comment on Andrew’s wall. RCIA leader Tanya Belanger agreed, saying “Mary Kay was awesome. I’m with Frank.” My wife saw this and said, “we all want Mary Kay to sing it at Frank’s funeral.”

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