Zoning Commission

The Bone Yard debut signing - seats reserved by BoneZones.com The Bone Yard debut signing - Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson greet fans (pay no attention to the SI in the background) The Bone Yard debut signing - Jon Jefferson speaks to fans while Erin Chapin of knoxnews.com videotapes Susan Seals of the Bone Zones team surprised me with signs she made to reserve seats at the first book signing for the new Body Farm novel, “The Bone Yard,” at Books-A-Million in Oak Ridge. I was there to facilitate a Q&A session after the customers’ books were signed.

I asked Dr. Bass about an experiment in the new book in which three corpses are shot. Brockton needs to compare the damage done to the vertebrae by a shotgun placed at three different angles. I wanted to know if anyone had done the same thing in real life at UT’s Forensic Anthropology Center. The experiment was a figment of Jon Jefferson’s imagination but Dr. Bass said that it was something they could do if the need arose. Another experiment in the story, in which three corpses are hung, did actually occur. The research could be used to investigate suicides or lynchings.

The Bone Yard debut signing - plain and pepperoni from Big Ed's Pizza The Bone Yard debut signing - Dave Neusel of Big Ed's Pizza delivers to Mrs. Bass The Bone Yard debut signing - Carol Bass, Dr. Bill Bass, Frank Murphy, Jon Jefferson Another surprise came from from Dave Neusel, who showed up with plenty of Big Ed’s Pizza for those in attendance. Dave hosted a pizza party for the Bone Zones team last year and offered to do it again after the current promo tour winds down.

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