Thermoplastic Polymer

Disney Vinylmation figures on store shelf One of my daughter’s friends thought it would be cool if I was represented as a Disney Vinylmation figurine. My daughter imagined it having a beard, wearing headphones and a plaid shirt. Before my vacation, I had never heard of Disney Vinylmation figures.

My daughter and her friends collect the items, which she described as a 3-D canvas, shaped like Mickey Mouse. Some of the art is abstract, some makes sense. A few are creepy, such as the figure with the zipper in the Urban series. I found it hard to ignore the shape of Mickey when looking at the Villains series, for example.

Disney Vinylmation - opening the box Disney Vinylmation - opening the box Like the baseball cards of my youth, the contents of a Vinylmation package are a surprise. You could get one of 11 known designs in a series or you might get the mystery figurine, which is not displayed with the others in the Disney Store. I think they want you to end up with duplicates, which you would then trade with other Vinylmation enthusiasts. Or you could save them until the day they finally put you on “Hoarders.”

Disney Vinylmation - foil package Disney Vinylmation - Hyena Villain My daughter’s friend gave one to my wife as a birthday gift. Later in the week, we went shopping at Tysons Corner Center. My daughter bought a figurine for herself, which we watched her open. A message inside the first flap said “There’s no turning back now.” The next flaps read “Are you ready?” and “Prepare yourself…” The figurine was sealed inside a foil bag. It turned out to be Banzai from “The Lion King.”

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