That Cannot Be Denied

The story of how Adam Carolla met Jimmy Kimmel goes right through my office. It was my job to be the gatekeeper who had to keep Adam at bay while Jimmy and others decided how they would proceed with their idea for a boxing match.

A tip via Twitter informed me that Adam told the story of his early days at KROQ on a recent podcast. One of his guests was Matt “Money” Smith, who worked there as a phone screener at the time. It was interesting to hear their side of the story, especially when Adam said he originally intended to be the boxing coach for Michael the Maintenance Man, not Jimmy. Once he was paired with Jimmy, Adam’s goal was to win him over with comedy. He made a point that they were all peons and couldn’t have predicted their future success.

Jimmy Kimmel, Bean, Kevin, Frank Murphy, Calvert DeForrest Adam joked that I would order Jimmy to empty the trash and get me a fresh newspaper. Adam says they all disliked me, which I didn’t know at the time since I was caught up in my own idiosyncrasies. Adam and Matt couldn’t remember which employee “discovered” Boogerman, a homeless guy who performed parody songs and eventually got hired as an overnight deejay. It was me, at a St. Patrick’s Day remote broadcast. Boogerman made me laugh with his version of the Lucky Charms jingle.

The language in the podcast is definitely NSFW, unless you happen to work in the sales office for Glengarry Glen Ross.

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2 Responses to That Cannot Be Denied

  1. Frank is 100% awesomeness!…people did love Frank he was a great asset to that show.
    It was absolutely Frank who discovered me at the Ed Debevics coffee shop during a live remote…Frank was the one who talked to me about what I did, and asked me to perform a song an then write one on the spot about John Travolta.
    Then…after getting me on the show to do songs a few times (including the Lucky Charm song) , Frank felt bad that I lived in a van and was 100% responsible for bringing me into Premeire comedy network getting them to hire me to write comedy for them, so I could make some money.
    The whole time Frank was helping me and nurturing me into the hearts of the people at KROQ who eventually hired me for on air…ummm…which I eventually freaked out and got fired from…long story…*groans*…some of us weren’t born mature…lol

    Frank Murphy is my hero and always will be…and you all would be blessed to know him.

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