Spin-off City

Jon Jefferson and Dr. Bill Bass have been kind enough to include an interview with me on the promotional tours for each of their Body Farm novels. We recorded a show about “The Bone Yard” on Tuesday before heading to the first book signing on the tour. The program airs this morning. As with each of the previous interviews, I have posted it as a podcast for those who missed the broadcast.

Dinner with the Bone Doctor 1/24/11 - normal femur compared to broken and badly healed 18th century Native American femur The search for unmarked graves at a boys’ reform school causes the fictional Dr. Bill Brockton to remember his time excavating Arikara Indian graves in South Dakota. In real life, Dr. Bill Bass did the same thing. During the show, I asked Dr. Bass about an ancient native American femur that he displayed at the most recent Dinner with the Bone Doctor.

To me, “The Bone Yard” seemed like a potential pilot for a spin-off series of books set in Florida. When I asked Jon Jefferson, he confirmed my suspicions. He has started doing research on human trafficking as a first topic for the new series. Jon also said that the next Body Farm novel is likely to take Brockton to France to look at some very old bones.

Media File: FrankMurphyInterviewsJefferson&Bass-TheBoneYard-03-13-11.mp3

If you are a completist, you can find my previous Jefferson and Bass interviews by using the links below.

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