Mourns the Wicked

The Google alert I have for my name keeps me informed about other interesting Frank Murphys in the world.  For example, I was bummed to read this month that football player Frank D. Murphy appears to have re-injured his Achilles and is “physically unable to perform” for the Tampa Bay Storm.

An old blog post about other Frank Murphys elicited the following email from a guy named David this week:

I was bored and Googling my good friend Frank Murphy and I stumbled on your blog post in 2008 about the funeral home in Salem, Mass. that he runs. Just a couple of positive comments.
1: Frank is a wonderful person. I’m glad that other people see and appreciate that and that it comes through the articles people write and quote in the media (and Frank does not know I’m writing this ☺). His whole (5th generation now) business model is, as far as I can tell, to be an upstanding involved member of the community and get business that way.
2: The web site name comes from a long line of local idioms here in the Boston area. Sorry, Bahstin areah.
“Wicked” is one of those words that can mean a lot of different things. It’s usually used as a superlative, but not always. “Wicked cool” means, well, wicked cool. Or, neat, exciting, interesting, outstanding. “Wicked pissah” is the same but more localized. Just “wicked” means wicked cool, but more modern in style.
So is an attempt to be very local in the quite local dialect. Of course there is always the whole weird conflicted thing of shame and pride in the witchcraft trials going on in Salem too, but covers a lot of eastern Mass. And is not Salem specific.

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