Mortal Men

In the 49 hours between George Mason’s thrilling victory over Villanova and their tip-off against Ohio State, I started thinking about all the kryptonite references from 2006. The Patriots would be wearing their green jerseys on Sunday. I was even thinking of a connection between Coach Jim Larranaga and Lex Luthor.

My friends Tanya and Mike told me they wanted to organize a Knoxville viewing party like they did in 2006. The first place they mentioned is a sports bar that allows smoking. I suggested they choose an all-ages restaurant like the Wild Wing Cafe, where smoking is prohibited indoors.

Like in the movies, Superman prevailed. George Mason didn’t just lose. It was a blowout of near-historic proportions. Coach L showed he is a class act by pulling his starters and giving other players a chance to get in the game during the last two minutes.

As a proud alumnus, I enjoyed watching the Patriots play. Now that their season is done, I can go back to my normal TV watching routine.

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