Mega Dittoes

Terry Morrow almost crashed into me as he was boarding the Megabus. Neither of us knew that the other would be riding to Washington that day. I told Terry to find a seat near my wife while I went into the Knoxville Transit Center to throw away some empty Splenda packets and a damp stir-stick from Starbucks.

Guy in @Megabus seat behind my wife & me is now 'Sleeping Buddy' aka @Telebuddy The bus was still on I-40 when Terry and I conspired to send simultaneous Twitter updates. He complained about the guy in front of him while I complained about the guy sitting behind me. When he fell asleep about an hour into the trip, I took a picture and posted it to Twitter.

I had heard Megabus was quick to respond to questions via Twitter. They ignored my questions, some of which were admittedly silly. I didn’t really need to know whether passing truck drivers could see me through the tinted glass. However, I do sincerely believe that Thelma’s Chicken and Waffles would have been a good place to stop instead of a random truck stop in Wytheville.

At least the truck stop had a Denny’s, which was connected to a Flying J. I noticed that the coffee station and soda fountain looked new and that they looked similar to those at Pilot Travel Centers. The two companies merged last year. My wife and hadn’t been to Denny’s since our breakfast with my friend Bean last year in Seattle. Before that, it had been a year since we found ourselves hungry after midnight in Pigeon Forge following the Gatlinburg Screenfest. In Wytheville, my wife and I each got $4 chicken wraps from the $2/$4/$6/$8 value menu.

The WiFi was not working on our single-decker Megabus. Instead of going online, my wife and I watched a movie on her computer. She chose “Fargo,” which keeps coming up in conversation as we plan our trip to the Dakotas for this summer. We are calculating the route to include a swing through Minnesota, possibly Brainerd.

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