Masonic Ritual

As the “home team” with the higher seed, the George Mason Patriots wore white jerseys when they beat Villanova in an unbelievable come-from-behind finish on Friday. I expect that they will be wearing their kryptonite green jerseys when they play the number one team in the country, Ohio State, on Sunday at 5:15 p.m.

Jubilant George Mason fans at Brion's Grille after 3/18/11 victory over Villanova WJLA and WRC live trucks outside Brion's Grille - 3/18/11 A page on the GMU Alumni Association website directed me to a viewing party at Brion’s Grille, a sports bar close to campus. When the Patriots won, I was hollering and high-fiving strangers, just like everyone else in the place. Both WJLA and WRC sent cameras and reporters to get reactions from the fans. When the game ended, the two stations raised the masts on their live trucks and went live from the bar.

John Gonzalez of WJLA interviews George Mason fans at Brion's Grille - 3/18/11 cameraman from WJLA gets footage of George Mason fans at Brion's Grille - 3/18/11 John Gonzalez of ABC7 was one of the reporters present. He filed the report below. When he says it’s been three years since George Mason was in the national championship, he’s referring to Mason’s first round loss in 2008.

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