How Many Feet in a Yard?

Have you seen the preview of the April 7th “Bones” episode? In it, Bones and Booth visit a fictional university’s body farm for a “ripped from the headlines” story about feet that wash up on a beach. Bones is absolutely giddy about a body that bursts from a buildup of decomposition gases. Fox has posted some publicity photos on Facebook.

Entertainment Weekly posted some inside information last month when the episode was being filmed:

They’re shooting the body farm episode, which features Twilight star Michael Welch (with whom Nathan and Bones creator Hart Hanson worked on CBS’ Joan of Arcadia) guest-starring as a grad student. “They find body parts that have been washed up on the shore between Canada and the United States, and they trace them back to a flood that occurred at a body farm. A body farm is a forensics apology lab at a university where they put corpses in various different situations and environments to study how they decompose. And this is a real thing,” he says.

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