Caul and Response

No wonder Grandma was such a fan of Liberace. According to Wikipedia, he was born with a veil, meaning his head was covered with the amniotic sac. Her husband, a/k/a my grandfather, was also born “in the caul.”

Huyler's Cocoa tin and Wendell Willkie campaign pin Earlier this week, I recorded an interview with Jon Jefferson and Dr. Bill Bass that will air on Sunday morning. After the half-hour show ended, I kept recording for a few more minutes to ask them for some advice on what do do with a package my mother sent me. How do an old Huyler’s Cocoa tin and a Wendell Willkie campaign button factor into the story? Click below to find out.

Media file: FrankMurphyInterviewsJefferson&Bass-BonusFootage-03-08-11.mp3

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