Ay-ples and Ba-nay-nays

What is Monkey Ice? Perhaps the “Planet of the Apes” version of Vanilla Ice? Or an arena where Capuchins play hockey? Actually, it’s an ice drink product at Weigel’s that comes in four different flavors: Monkey Brains (watermelon), Monkey Mush (banana), Monkey Tango (orange), and Monkey Zing (green apple).

Over the winter, Weigel’s contacted me via Twitter about possibly having a tweet-up to sample their red velvet cappuccino. The timing didn’t work out, partly because of my vacation. As temperatures increased, they suggested sampling Monkey Ice instead. When we looked at our calendars, April Fools’ Day seemed like a natural choice to fling free Monkey Ice.

The location that Weigel’s chose is one I know. When they opened their store at 9729 Middlebrook Pike in 2008, I was there to buy discounted gas and milk. If 20 ounces of free Monkey Ice sounds good to you, show up on Friday between noon and 1:00 p.m.

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