Resolution Revolution

TV Land is home to two new series with a decidedly retro feel. “Hot in Cleveland” is in its second season. Betty White recently won a SAG Award for her role on the show. “Retired at 35” is new this year and stars veterans George Segal and Jessica Walter. Both shows are solid, multi-camera sitcoms with a live studio audience. I could be wrong but I have a mental image of the show being written by a bunch of middle-aged comedy writers who can’t get work on a broadcast network series because of their age. Discrimination exists in Hollywood.

I had assumed that they were presented in standard definition to maintain that old-fashioned look. I was wrong. As a high-def snob, I try to only watch HD. “Hot in Cleveland” and “Retired at 35” made me break that promise to myself. I hated seeing the shows stretched to fit my screen. I recently discovered that both series are available in high definition. But there’s a catch.

I stumbled across the HD options via the On Demand menu on my cable. However, the only available episodes were ones I had already seen. It looks like episodes are added to the On Demand menu about a week after they air on TV Land. I have to decide if I would rather continue watching the show when it airs or if I can wait a week to see it in glorious high-definition. The most recent episode of each show sits on my DVR in SD, enticing me. I am determined to wait for the HD version and then cancel the series recording I have set up for the SD versions.

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