Precedents Day

Allison Kropff told me not to miss the noon newscast on Monday. I talked with Allison and her husband Justin on Thursday night after Star 102.1’s Dancing with the Knoxville Stars. To me, the midday broadcast is like the evening news is to others. I watch it when I get home from work.

Chef Walter's first day in remodeled kitchen Allison was only a little surprised when I correctly guessed that she was hinting Chef Walter was getting an HD upgrade. Last week’s cooking segments were obviously pre-recorded. I had wondered if Walter was on vacation but it turned out that his TV kitchen was was being renovated.

When WVLT became the first local station to broadcast its newscasts in high-definition, it appeared that the ceiling-mounted camera above Chef Walter’s head was still an old SD model. They stopped using it after the first couple of days. I am curious if they will buy an HD camera just for the overhead shot or if there’s a better way. At WBIR, they have a mirror mounted above the cooking set. Their regular cameras only have to tilt up to get an overhead shot. Most people don’t notice that right-handed chefs suddenly become left-handed.

Chef Walter's Rustic Apple Cheddar Tart Monday’s cooking segment involved no cooking. Chef Walter had already cooked a Rustic Apple Cheddar Tart and did show a nice close-up of it. The rest of his time was spent acknowledging the companies who supplied his new cabinets, appliances and countertops. He should finally get to cooking on Wednesday. On Tuesday, he’ll be on location at the O’Connor Senior Center for their annual pancake breakfast.

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