Polynesia Want a Cracker

Girl Scout cookies are a good thing, we can all agree. The local media has given a lot of coverage to the cookie drive this year, possibly due to press releases from Ackermann Public Relations. Although I love the real thing, an email challenge proved irresistible.

Clover Valley cookies that are similar to Girl Scout cookies Ron S. wrote to tell me about knock-off versions of Girl Scout cookies for sale at Dollar General. They are sold under the Clover Valley brand name. Each box costs only $1.95.

The cookies look a little different but the tastes are very similar to the originals. My wife recalled that Thin Mints are chocolate on the inside, unlike the Clover Valley Mint Thins. Real Samoas have coconut on the outside while the Fudge Caramel Coconut cookies are enrobed in chocolate. I wonder if they are available year-round.

cross-section of Clover Valley Mint Thins cross-section of Clover Valley Fudge Caramel Coconut cookies

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