Loud and Long and Clear

Ed Wynn was on my mind last week. A Facebook friend had posted a reference to his Uncle Albert character on my wall. Later that night, I was waiting outside during an Einstein Simplified show, unable to hear what was happening on stage. I started thinking about the last time I played the king in a guessing game called “The King’s Court.” I wanted to do something different this time. That’s when Ed Wynn popped back into my head. I decided to play the king as a fool who rose to the throne after a tragic bus accident.  Roy DeLaRosa plays the jester. Dave Snow, Paul Simmons and Aaron Littleton play the subjects with requests of the king. As emcee, Dave Fennell solicited the suggestions from the audience.

March 1 will mark the end of our run at The Square Room. As it says on the Einstein Simplified Facebook page: “just [two] more shows at The Square Room and then off to an undisclosed location. Undisclosed as we are still working out how to disclose it to ourselves.”

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