Guinea Pigment

Stacey Handel dyed my hair for the third time yesterday. Four years ago, she gave my wife and me makeovers for a fashion show at the Women Today Expo. Two years ago, she gave me a different look for Star 102.1’s Dancing with the Knoxville Stars. Yesterday’s dye job was for the 2011 edition of the dancing event. Stacey and her staff donate their services for the participants. Kim Hansard and I will be the emcees.

My wife got her hair cut at Garde Bien. last week. While there, she and Stacey talked about various options for my hair and beard. I thought Stacey might reprise the goatee I had two years ago. Instead, she chose to leave my beard darker and a little fuller. The color will gradually wash out over the next week or so.

To speed up the dye process, I sat under a Takara hair processor. Stacey said some of her customers think it looks like Buzz Lightyear’s helmet.

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