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One of my vegetarian friends got me hooked on Kellogg’s All-Bran Bran Buds. He eats them for dessert with non-fat ice cream, Wheat Chex and milk. It sounds weird but it tastes good. I use Bran Buds as a salad topping. Sometimes I mix them into my yogurt.

Unfortunately my favorite supermarket doesn’t carry Bran Buds. I tried All-Bran Original but didn’t experience the same health benefits. Bran Buds contain psyllium while Original does not.

Rather than shop at a competitor, I turned to the Internet for help. offered a deal that was almost too good to be true. I could order four boxes of Bran Buds for $15.36 (plus shipping) or I could sign up for “Subscribe and Save” and get them for $13.06 with free shipping. Every month, four boxes of cereal will arrive at my doorstep. The price, $3.27 per box, is significantly less than I’ve seen at any retailer. I think I paid almost $5 a box at a grocery store in St. Louis last month.

My first shipment of Bran Buds arrived on Valentine’s Day while I was at the hair salon. My wife and I had promised not to get each other gifts but she slapped a bow on the box and presented it to me at dinner.

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