The Fountaineer

The Fountain on Locust - award winning bathroom The Fountain on Locust - award winning bathroom After hearing a gospel reading about John the Baptist, we weren’t ready to dine on locusts but we did dine on Locust Street. The Fountain on Locust got on my radar when it won the America’s Best Restroom contest last September. I made plans back then to visit the next time I would be in St. Louis. My family and I had a great lunch at the Fountain after church on Sunday.

The Fountain on Locust - Mixed Salad Sandwich The Fountain on Locust - Pesto Chicken The restaurant offers an interesting combination of food, ice cream and cocktails. I had the Mixed Salad Sandwich with chicken. It contained lettuce, tomato, roasted red pepper, onion and artichoke. There was just enough cheese to add flavor without overpowering the vegetables. My wife and son had the Pesto Chicken, which resembled a pizza on foccacia bread because it was smothered in mozzarella, as promised on the menu.

The Fountain on Locust - Chocolate Brownie Cake in a Cup The Fountain on Locust - Stutz Sundae with Zanzibar Chocolate Ice Cream and Signature Hot Caramel sauce For dessert, my son enjoyed the Chocolate Brownie Cake in a Cup. My wife and I split a sundae, choosing Zanzibar Chocolate ice cream topped with Signature Hot Caramel sauce and pecans.

The Fountain on Locust - art deco style The Fountain on Locust - antique radio The space was once a showroom for Stutz Motor Cars. It has a retro art-deco style that works well. Radio personality Joy Grdnic opened it as the Fountain on Locust three years ago. I wish I had known about the restaurant sooner but I will make up for lost time on future visits to St. Louis. I especially loved the antique radio just inside the door. It appears to be the exact same model as the one my wife and I received as a wedding gift from my sister. And yes, it was already an antique way back then.

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