Sock It to Me

In the 2002 movie “Blood Work,” Clint Eastwood plays an FBI agent who suffers a heart attack¬† and then receives a heart transplant. He almost didn’t get the transplant because of his rare blood type.¬† The sister of the organ donor implores him to investigate the murder that made his new heart available. The movie murder took place at a neighborhood grocery. I recognized the filming location as being only a few blocks from our first home in Burbank. I had set my DVR to record “Blood Work” a week or so ago without paying attention to exactly when it would be broadcast on AMC. Coincidentally, it aired on the same day I gave blood to Medic Regional Blood Center.

Frank Murphy donating blood to Medic Regional Blood Center Tearsa Smith, one of Knoxville’s top Tweeters, took a picture of my socks while I was giving blood during “Roll Up Your Sleeve Week.” Strangely, the comfortable green socks briefly made me a trending topic in Knoxville on Twitter Thursday morning. I bought some for my whole family a few years ago while they were on sale at Mast General Store. The people on Twitter described them as warm, hysterical and part Oscar the Grouch.

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