Nuttin’, Honey

Paula Deen & Michael Anthony Groover as seen on ABC's coverage of the 2011 Rose Parade Paula Deen was grand marshal of the 122nd Rose Parade this morning. While ABC and NBC continued their tradition of broadcasting the parade, I prefer the two networks that offer commercial-free coverage. Knoxville-based HGTV did a fine job and had arguably the best pictures. However my nostalgia for the ten years I lived in Burbank kept me watching Hallmark Channel for its simulcast of KTLA’s coverage.

Thanks to KTLA’s on-screen graphics, I learned that Rose Queen Evanne Friedmann was part of a ComedySportz improv group. Later, in what seemed like a scene from an improv stage, I heard Stephanie Edwards deliver the unintentional joke of the day: “You know I was reading yesterday about the fact that faces used to be done with flower petals but flower petals decay, much like a few faces do… And so Jim Hynd came up with the crushed walnuts and other ideas of using nuts to keep the faces looking good. I am going to apply some nuts to my face this year.” You can hear it yourself about 11½ minutes into this segment:

Mayor Anja Reinke and former City Manager Mary Alvord on 2011 Burbank Tournament of Roses Float as seen on HGTV The City of Burbank float featured my friend Mayor Anja Reinke and former city manager Mary Alvord at the front. To celebrate the city’s centennial, the float was decorated with symbols of Burbank such as the Warner Bros. water tower and the Bob’s Big Boy statue. The original design for the float lacked most of the pop-culture elements that were added later. SpongeBob SquarePants got a lot of camera time. One of the artists from the Nickelodeon Animation Studio helped the float builders perfect SpongeBob’s look. You can see Burbank’s award-winning float at the very end of this segment, starting about 11 minutes from the beginning:

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